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How to find the perfect swimsuit according to your body shape?

When we hear the word “summer” it brings to mind, beaches, fun, waves, and most especially bikini. Choosing a bikini could feel like a whole lot of work with all the designs and styles. Not to mention the horrifying scenarios of a failed beach vacation that you have conceived in mine.Letting go of preconceived ideas and going into the experience with an open mind can help immensely. Buying a bikini can be an enjoyable experience if you consider your body type and bikini options.  

Here are the things you should consider: 

  • Body Shape 


The Round/Apple shapes have a larger midsection and thin legs and arms. Tankinis with shirring or shapewear in the stomach can draw attention away from that area. A bottom with high-cut sides will show off your legs. Should wear V and wide necklines, must draw more attention to the legs. 


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