Opt for a strapless bikini set if you want to look ultra-chic and resort-ready on the beach this summer. The current trendy swimwear cut is flattering and edgy with a hint of glamor that’s a must for any vacation look. Still unsatisfied with the suggestion, here are two more functional advantages of a strapless bikini top.  

Even Tanning of the Upper Body 

If your summer fun involves bathing in the sun and getting a gorgeous sultry tan, you certainly don’t look forward to annoying tan lines. Hence, a strapless bikini top is the wisest option for you as there’d be no straps around the shoulders or neck. Therefore, the upper body tanning would be nice and even, giving you a uniform bronzy glow from head to toe. 

The Illusion of a Slim Figure 

Having a curvaceous body is a blessing. However, some swimwear cuts can make your hips look bigger and wider, unflattering your body proportions. Hence, a strapless bikini set could be an excellent choice for balancing your hips and giving your body an illusion of a slim figure, especially around the hips. 

Meloria Swim’s Resort Collection Has a Variety of Strapless Bikini Sets 

Long Sleeve Ruffle High Waist Print Bikini 

This beautiful strapless bikini set from Meloria Swim is the definition of vogue. The soft, sweetheart neckline in the front and wide back cut expose your upper body well to give you an even tan. The high-waisted bottoms are designed to give a midriff cut to amplify the sultriness. The ruffle sleeves are the cherry on top and make the overall look more carefree.

Pink Dotted Sleeves High Waist Bikini 

This sexy number from Meloria Swim is hip and in style, with a beautiful combination of vibrant pink and moody orange. The playful combination is complemented by the detached sleeves, while the high-waisted bottoms create a feminine outline. The strapless bikini top is the winning piece as it draws attention to your upper body.  

Meloria Swim’s resort glam collection is made with the latest in-fashion pieces and styles for the fashion-forward crowd. Visit their online store for shopping for more trendy swimwear pieces.