A widely asked question during summer is, “Should I get a bikini or a one-piece?” While the question seems relatively straightforward, the answer isn’t as easy. It all depends on your preference. However, there are some advantages of a one-piece and bikini you certainly can’t ignore. 

Advantages of a One-Piece 

A one-piece, also called a swimsuit or a bathing suit, consists of a single piece that covers your torso, unlike a bikini. Hence, a one-piece’s main advantage is its excellent coverage, and it is perfect for women who want to hide certain features of their body or like conservative swimwear. 

That raises the question: are one-pieces attractive? They certainly are.  

One-pieces hug your curves from your chest to your hips and create a flattering feminine figure. Hence, one-pieces are more attractive and in style as the years go by. They are also more elegant in their cut and design.

Advantages of a Bikini 

A bikini is a two-piece swim set with a top and a bottom. Bikinis show off more skin giving a sensual beach outlook. Hence, bikinis are certainly for ladies who are okay with their skin showing and don’t bother with much coverage.  

Moreover, you have the freedom of playing mix and match with specific bikinis to break the monotony of the look. Especially with solid bikini tops and bottoms, you can play out numerous combinations and jazz up your look.

What Should You Buy 

When deciding “Should I get a bikini or a one-piece?” remember it all depends on your preference. Are you okay with your skin showing, or would you be comfortable with more coverage? In our opinion, one-pieces and bikinis are both stylish options when you know how to sport them confidently on the beach. 

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