Summer Gold snake and chain print padded hollow one - shoulder sexy one - piece bikini

Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, summer is the swim season of the year. Summer, most especially is the time when women plan that picture-perfect getaway or staycation they always have in mind. Part of the planning is deciding on what type of swimwear to rock in without revealing those pain body areas.

So, what swimwear will do the trick? One-piece?

Here are some facts that will convince you about one-piece swimwear.

1. One-piece is cheaper than bikinis. One piece requires less fabric to make, and therefore will not drive-up production costs like bikinis, or any two-piece wear. This makes it less expensive. So, if you want a new swimming outfit but don’t want to spend much, you should consider buying one-piece swimwear.

Solid White color padded hollow metal rings connected sexy halter one-piece bikini

  1. It is classy, sexy, and flattering. One-piece swimwear covers most of the flaws that make you feel uncomfortable, allowing you peace of mind to enjoy your activities. Its flattering look gives you the feeling of being stylish, sophisticated, and elegant while showing less. One-piece also comes in different styles, from plunge necklines and side cuts to backless styles. Find one that fits your body type at
  1. Versatility. One-piece swimwear could also double as a bodysuit which can be styled with midi skirt, shorts, or trousers. Just add a big hat and large sunglasses to highlight a classic look. This is proven by various celebrities, and just one of those is Marilyn Monroe. This also means you can make the most of your swimsuit in every season by just adding your layers and bottoms.

Pretty Tropical digital print padded halter-neck sexy fresh one-piece bikini

  1. One-piece doesn’t need a cover-up. Wearing a one-piece can cover what you want and yet show what you love without the need for a cover-up and since one piece comes alone, you don’t have to worry about losing its pair. You control what body part to expose based on the cut you buy, which also helps boost your confidence in choosing the amount of skin you want to show. Nowadays, the market offers different one-piece cuts and styles, there are definitely a ton of choices.
  1. Doing Fun Activities. You can be more active. If you are planning to be active on the beach during your vacation, one-piece is the best option. Whether you want to go surfing, play beach volleyball, snorkeling, or diving, you won’t have to worry about your swimwear sliding up and down your body. One-piece gives you security and confidence in every activity.

Magenta colors contrast spliced removable padding hollow out halter-neck self-tie sexy one-piece swimwear

  1. One-piece provides better protection from the sun. It’s indeed obvious that wearing a one-piece covers more of your skin. A review published in Healthline, UV radiation can cause DNA damage and can lead to skin cancer. While it’s a great idea to always wear sunscreen when doing beach activities, wearing a one-piece swimsuit adds to your protection. Choosing swimwear with more coverage reduces the amount of skin exposed to the sun. This, in turn, can help protect the skin from UV damage and lower the risk of sunburn or other sun-related skin problems.

For your summer vacation or staycation, consider these one-piece swimwear collection from Meloriaswim.

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