Hand wash: The majority of swimwear holds up much better if it’s handwashed. Handwashing prevents your suit from losing its color and shape to increase its longevity. Washing machines can prematurely age your suit, and strings or embellishments can get caught on other clothes inside, damaging the bathing suit. 



Clean and Dry: Before storing your swimwear, ensure it’s clean by washing it according to the care instructions on the label. To get rid of chlorine, salt, sunscreen, and body oils, use a mild detergent and give the area a good rinse. Allow it to thoroughly air dry after cleaning. 




Inspect for Damage: Check your swimsuit for any damage before storing it, such as frayed or loose threads, snags, or strained elastic. Eliminate any problems to stop further damage during storage. 




Fold Neatly: To avoid creases and wrinkles, fold your swimwear carefully and neatly. Avoid tight or sharp folds that could damage the fabric. Place soft tissue paper between molded cups to help maintain their shape. 

For a one-piece swimsuit: 

  • Remove the padding in your swimsuit. 
  • Lay your swimsuit flat and face down. 
  • Fold the swimsuit straps back over the middle of the suit. 
  • Fold the swimsuit in half horizontally. 
  • Fold the swimsuit in half vertically. 

For a bikini: 

  • Remove padding from your bikini top. 
  • Lay the top flat and face down. 
  • Fold the straps over the back of the top. 
  • Lay the bikini bottom over the bikini top. 
  • Fold the swimsuit in half horizontally. 
  • Fold the swimsuit in half vertically. 




Use Breathable Storage: Choose storage containers or bags made of breathable materials like fabric or mesh. Avoid airtight plastic bags, as they can trap moisture and promote mold growth. 




Separate Pieces: If your swimsuit has multiple components, like a bikini with a separate top and bottom, store them separately in the travel pouch or bag to prevent friction and potential damage. 




Avoid Direct Sunlight: Store your swimwear away from direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause colors to fade over time. 

Whether you opt for storing your bikinis in drawers or boxes, hanging and displaying them, or traveling with them, each method has its benefits and considerations. The key is to find a storage solution that fits your space and preferences while keeping your bikinis protected. By choosing the right storage options, cleaning and drying your bikinis before storage, folding and organizing them effectively, and avoiding common storage mistakes, you can ensure that your bikinis stay looking beautiful and last for many seasons to come.