1 The halter – This style is one of the most popular ways to wear your triangle top. It gives you extra lift and support. Simply tie the top two strings behind your neck or cross the strings in front of your neck and bring the knot to the back.




2 The front tie – This is a cute twist on wearing a triangle top, adding a bit of flirtiness. All you need to do is run the lower straps to the back, draw the ends to the front, and tie them in a small bow.  This gives you better support than the classic style.



3 The Scoop neck – Give your summer a creative look by turning your triangle top upside-down. You can simply turn your triangle top upside-down by tying the top straps around your back and tying the back straps around your neck. This style can give you the extra push by gathering your bust and giving you a larger look.



4 Upside-down Halter – This style will give you a more adventurous and bolder look. The method is almost the same with the scoop neck, but just to add a bit of a twist, you’ll have to cross the neck strap in front before tying it around your neck. This can give you a better fit as it is drawing the cup inwards.



5 The strapless – Strapless bikini tops are always flattering, and if you already have a triangle top, that means you don’t have to buy one to achieve this look on your top. All you have to do is turn your top upside-down and close it using the straps under your bust and tie them at the back.



6 One-Shoulder – To create an off-shoulder look, simply wear the triangle top off one shoulder or you can move the other strap to the left and tie it at the back. This asymmetrical style is perfect for tanning and adds a flirty touch to the traditional triangle top bikini.

With all these styling tips, always remember that you should be having fun the most and being comfortable with what you’re wearing, instead of just fitting in with the triangle bikini trends.