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Sexy Leaf print padded ruffle one-piece swimsuit with belt


Meloriaswim is dedicated to providing its customers with products and services that carry value and quality. Every swimwear piece at Meloriaswim is designed to keep customers at the center of their thought process, bringing stylish, comfortable, functional swimwear that’s also affordable. Getting the swimsuit that you want to wear throughout the summer will be easy when you have a Meloriaswim Sexy Leaf print padded ruffle one-piece swimsuit with belt. The front of the swimsuit is cut with a v-neckline that is tacked at the bottom of the cut with a short spaghetti strap to maintain the width at the base. Ruffle accent runs the length of the neckline to add a feminine edge to the swimsuit. The leaf foliage printing is set against a white background to provide you with the kind of look as if you were walking through a forest. The high hip cut and belt provides you with the ability to adjust and maintain full range of motion so that you can remain active as well as looking amazing while you’re walking around. This way, you’re going to look just like what you want to look like whether you’re in the water or by the water’s edge.


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