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Sexy leopard printing padded sling tankini sets


Meloriaswim is dedicated to providing its customers with products and services that carry value and quality. Every swimwear piece at Meloriaswim is designed to keep customers at the center of their thought process, bringing stylish, comfortable, functional swimwear that’s also affordable. When you are going for a luxurious look at the pool, Meloriaswim Sexy leopard printing padded sling tankini sets is the swimsuit you have been looking for. The multicolor and luxurious print throughout the swimsuit offers you the kind of look that suggest an upscale effect. The top of the two-piece swimsuit includes a tube top accented with adjustable frilly fabric. The base of the swimsuit includes a high waist straight cut that has lower leg openings. This full coverage base is a retro style that will maintain your look that can be worn even in mixed company. Everyone will compliment your luxurious look when you wear it out and about.

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